Survivor: Five players rumored to be a part of season 37 of The Challenge

Photo: The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 cast photo.. Image Courtesy Gene Bresler (Catchlight) / MTV
Photo: The Challenge: War of the Worlds 2 cast photo.. Image Courtesy Gene Bresler (Catchlight) / MTV /

Season 37 of MTV’s The Challenge is getting its cast put together and several former Survivor players are included in the rumored list.

In recent years, MTV’s The Challenge has started to include players from Survivor, Big Brother, and The Amazing Race, amongst other shows.

To this point, only two previous Survivor contestants have appeared on the show — Natalie Anderson (Winner of San Juan Del Sur and runner-up on Winners at War) and Jay Starrett (Millennials vs Gen-X). Jay was the first former Survivor player to appear on the show, having played on Total Madness last season. Both he and Natalie participated in Double Agents. 

Well, now The Challenge is extending its invite to more former Survivor players. According to GamerVev, a trusted source on spoilers (individual links included below), the Survivor players in quarantine for the upcoming season are:

That’s quite a group right there!

We last saw Michele and Wendell on Winners at War with Michele placing third and Wendell being an early merge boot. Tommy hasn’t been seen since Island of the Idols but to be fair, that season just aired in the fall of 2019.

Michaela became a fan favorite during her inaugural season and was memorable for her reaction to getting blindsided. She returned the very next season and made it to the final seven. Michelle Schubert was also on Millennials vs Gen-X (a season that MTV clearly was a fan of, considering these two would make it three contestants appearing from that season).

These five former Survivor players are rumored to be in quarantine for the upcoming season of The Challenge.

Jay was reportedly initially included in the cast but has been released from quarantine, likely meaning he won’t be on this season.

It’ll be a lot of fun to see three former winners join the cast of The Challenge! Michele was a hoot on Winners at War and should provide us with plenty of entertainment, especially considering she’ll be on this season with Wendell, an ex-boyfriend of hers (as we found out on Winners at War).

Michaela and Michelle from season 33 of Survivor are going to be interesting additions to the show too. It’s been really cool getting to see Jay compete on two seasons of the MTV reality show and while Natalie had to cut her first season short, she had already notched her “gold skull” when she had to leave the show.

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Here’s to hoping all five of these players make it through quarantine and onto the actual show. It should be a good time!