Survivor Season 41: The countdown to Survivor 41 is officially on

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Well Survivor friends, Survivor Season 41 is now on the countdown clock as our favorite host just let us a little message.

Survivor season 41 will soon be upon us and we can not wait for the new season to begin. With a premiere date of Sept. 22 premiere date set, we can look ahead to our first new season in far too long.

Recently, Surviving Tribal has already rolled out its early power ranking for the upcoming season. I think the powers rankings are a great way to learn the players. Soon, we will have full cast bio’s, pics and more, as we are awaiting on CBS to release the official information. But it never hurts to have a little fun and the power rankings will help get you in the Survivor spirit.

Survivor season 41 cast

A recent article on the cast and tribes of Survivor Season 41 shared the season should consist of 18 players split across three tribes. While nothing has been confirmed, here is how initial rumors break down the season’s cast:

The Blue Tribe

Retired NFL player Danny McCray
Shift Manager/Medical Scribe Deshawn Radden
Sales Manager Naseer Muttalif
Communications Professional Erika Casupanan
Artist Heather Aldret
Law Student Sydney Segal

The Yellow Tribe

Researcher PhD Student Evvie Jagoda
Business Student Liana Wallace
Teacher Tiffany Seely
Neurosurgeon David Voce
Cyber Security Professional Eric Abraham
Computer Science Student Xander Hastings.

The Green Tribe

Cattle Rancher Brad Reese
Student Jairus Robinson
Flight Attendant Ricard Foyé
Grocery Store Worker Genie Robin-Chen
Mechanical Engineering Student Sara Wilson
Pastor/Comedian Shantel Smith

Will there be a new Tony?. Will there be a new Russell or Boston Rob? Will there be a new Jerri, Sandra, or Parvati? What is going to happen in just 26 days? Will there be gamesmanship or will it be cutthroat Survivor?

We have many questions that need to be answered and in a few short months, those questions and more will be answered. So, continue to follow us here on Surviving Tribal for all things Survivor.

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