Survivor Season 41 episode 12 power rankings

It’s officially finale week in Survivor Season 41, which means we’re about to know who’s won this topsy-turvy season. While there is still a twist or two (including Xander Hastings’ idol) left in the mix, things have solidified quite a bit after last week. With that in mind, our power rankings are an attempt to predict a mixture of who can make it to Final Three and who actually has a chance to win this whole thing.

Who has the best odds of winning Survivor Season 41?

Out. Danny McCray (Last: 2) – We were very surprised when Danny went home last week. He’s played a very clean game all season and you’d think he had the best shot to beat Ricard Foye for an immunity heading into the last few tribal councils. However, the players on the island saw something different than we did and elected to get him out. To be fair, he had a legitimate shot to win the game, so it was far from a bad move. It’s just not the move we expected from players like Erika Casupanan and Heather Aldret, both of whom have been relatively quiet this season.

5. Heather Aldret (Last: 6) – Speaking of Heather, it’s pretty clear she has no chance to win this game. If she does, she’ll be, by far, the most under-edited winner we’ve ever seen. Heather makes Natalie White look like a confessional superstar. That said, she’s probably making Final 3 at this point. There’s really no reason for most players to get her out unless they see her as a threat to their spot at Final Tribal Council. We still have her low because she can’t win, but it would be surprising to see her voted out.

4. Deshawn Radden (Last: 5) – Deshawn is in a weird spot where he might’ve made too many people on the jury mad at him to have a realistic shot at winning. That said, we don’t know if this is a bitter jury until we actually get the votes. If you’re banking on it being one, it might make sense to bring him with you to the end. However, he has played a daring, if messy, game this season. And with several former allies on the jury, the chances of him winning might be too high for players to want to keep him around.

3. Erika Casupanan (Last: 4) – Erika is another interesting player in our books. She’s finally come alive in these last few votes, but we wonder if that’s enough to win the game. Of course, if she can mastermind a few more big moves heading into Final Tribal Council, we might be looking at her differently. Her biggest problem is that there are three men who are all solid to great at challenges. If any of them are able to win a few challenges and use that to make moves, they could become too tough to beat at the end no matter how well Erika’s subtle strategy has been.

2. Ricard Foye (Last: 1) – Ricard is the final boss of this game of Survivor. If he makes it to the end, he’s almost certainly winning after orchestrating so many of this game’s moves up to that point. However, that also makes him an absolutely massive target who will need to win at least one more challenge to sit at Final Three. He’s shown the ability to perform under pressure several times this season, so it’s not out of the question.

1. Xander Hastings (Last: 3) – Xander takes the top spot because he is already guaranteed to make the final four. From there, he’ll, at worst, have a chance to make fire unless there’s another big twist that hits. That gives him a very good shot to actually sit at the end. Whether he can win or not is another matter. That said, if we’re trying to predict who’s going to make it through the next few boots and have a shot, we’ll back Xander given the idol in his pocket.