Jem pulls off iconic villain move in Survivor season 46 episode 4

Jem Hussain-Adams just made an epic and hilarious move in Survivor season 46 episode 4, "Don't Touch the Oven"
Jem Hussain-Adams from the CBS Original Series SURVIVOR, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Jem Hussain-Adams from the CBS Original Series SURVIVOR, scheduled to air on the CBS Television Network. -- Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2023 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

There's an early frontrunner for the true villain of the season for Survivor season 46, and it's Jem Hussain-Adams.

As a member of the Siga tribe, Jem has been a part of wins and runner-up finishes in every immunity challenge so far. The lines in the sand have not been fully drawn and alliances have not been revealed because they haven't been to tribal council, but Jem is still causing chaos in other parts of the game.

Hidden idols, ant bites, and hilarity

Earlier in the season, Jem found the Beware Advantage at the Siga camp. She, then, dug up the immunity idol, only to learn that she'd have to wait until her tribe lost an immunity challenge before she could unlock the box after solving a puzzle of sorts. Did Jem let that deter her? No, absolutely not. Jem moved the Beware Advantage so someone on her tribe would find it, and that's exactly what happened.

In the fourth episode, "Don't Touch the Oven," Jem watches as Maria finds the Beware Advantage, shares the information with the tribe, and starts digging at the base of the tree where the advantage was found. The tribe starts digging, and instantly, they start getting bit by ants! It's hilarious watching Jem pretend she doesn't know what's going on while the rest of her tribe is just digging and digging all day long and getting bit by more ants. I loved every second of it.

When the game is starting out more slowly for the tribes that keep winning, it's going to take someone like Jem continuing to push their game forward while the rest of the tribe stands still. It's a difficult situation to be in.

Obviously, there's a huge risk involved with a move like this. First of all, everyone knows now that someone in the tribe is sabotaging. That can go poorly. It also starts the wheels turning in people's minds about who that could be, which could blow up in Jem's face. It also alerts everyone to an advantage in the game, which could make said advantage harder to play or find with everyone more alert.

Jem points the finger at Tim

During the fallout of the missing idol, everyone is wondering the same thing: who put the Beware Advantage there? Jem plays it off perfectly. Instead of secretly admitting to someone that it was her, she does the best thing possible. She puts it on Tim, a huge threat in the game for the Siga tribe. Tim has come up big in immunity challenges so far.

Not only did Jem cause chaos in the tribe, she's already planting the seeds in people's mind that Tim is a threat. He maybe is hiding an idol. There are many directions Jem can take this or allow it to unfold. While I like Tim a lot and hope he does well in the game, it's hilarious how well Jem's plan is already working.

Jem is building a great resume off a handful of good moves

Aside from forming alliances, competing well in the challenges, and staying out of the drama, Jem is setting herself up for success at the end of the game by pulling off great moves early in the season. She found the Beware Advantage, which will likely lead to an idol. That's huge! If she's able to find the idol and use it in a smart or to make a big move, that's a huge thing to add to the resume.

On top of that, she's basically doing the work early to gain the trust of her tribe and putting the target on other people. If she can continue to manipulate that target and then present that information to the jury, she's going to have a great shot at winning the game.

It's still early, of course, but these are the types of moves that can add up over the course of the game and could be the difference in finishing first or as one of the runner-ups.

Survivor season 46 airs Wednesdays at 8 p,m. ET on CBS.

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