Survivor 46: It might be time to reshuffle the tribes in episode 4

On Survivor 46, all signs seem to be pointing toward a tribe shuffling in episode four. Will it happen or will Survivor throw another famous curveball at players and fans?

SURVIVOR 46 on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on Paramount+ the day after
SURVIVOR 46 on the CBS Television Network, and available to stream live and on Paramount+ the day after / C

Survivor has always been known for doing the unexpected, but things seem to be lined up for a tribal reshuffling sometime during episode 4 of season 46.

Three people have already been sent packing, leaving 15 players still on the island. Now would be the time to rearrange those remaining into three tribes of five.

Now might be time for a change-up on Survivor 46

In the new, condensed, post-COVID era of Survivor, it is around this time the producers have mixed things up on the contestants. It makes sense to do it now when they can still have three tribes with the same number of members. Usually, this is done at the first challenge, whether it be reward or immunity, and it has been done by a random drawing of rocks, or whatever.

Another event happened in episode 3 that would enhance the chances of a tribal shake-up in episode 4. Randen was pulled from the game due to medical concerns, even though the hapless Yanu tribe lost yet another challenge.

Wackadoodles Win
“Wackadoodles Win” – Several castaways have some explaining to do after a fake idol was played at tribal council. A castaway attempts to fall on the sword for their tribe’s loss in the immunity challenge. Then, three castaways take a journey to compete for an advantage in the game, on SURVIVOR, Wednesday, March 13 (8:00-9:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network, and streaming on Paramount+ (live and on demand for Paramount+ with SHOWTIME subscribers, or on demand for Paramount+ Essential /

Often in the middle of a season when someone has to be pulled from the game or quits, the tribe that lost still has to go to tribal. This isn't a set-in-stone rule; it all depends on where they are in the game.

In this case, if the plan is to indeed re-assign players to different tribes. Having Yanu go to tribal after Randen was removed wouldn't have made any sense, as then there wouldn't have been to make the tribes even. By canceling the tribal council and allowing all four Yanu players to remain in the game, they can still divide them into three tribes of five.

Of course, Survivor seldom does what is expected, but in this case, it will be surprising if it doesn't happen. As always, tribal shuffles can make or break personal games, as alliances and schemes can be derailed. Players who were at the bottom of their original tribe may find new status in their new one.

It is an interesting and easy way to shake the game up and remove the players from their comfort zone. Look for some new fireworks during episode 4!

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