Survivor 46 power rankings shakeup after Hunter goes home in episode 9

After a major player was eliminated on Survivor 46, episode 9, how did that affect this week's power rankings?
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When the most physical player on Survivor 46 goes home with an idol in his pocket, it is bound to shake things up around camp and in the power rankings. Hunter, who had kept his idol secret for the whole season, inexplicably decided to tell everyone about it right before the tribal council and it backfired in a big way.

With the biggest social threat in Tevin being ousted during the previous chaotic tribal, and now the biggest physical threat left has departed, most of the players left are starting to ramp up their games in a big way.


Last week - 8th

Q somehow escaped his fate after finishing in a tie with Hunter during the initial round of voting at tribal council. If Hunter had played his idol as he most certainly should have, Q would indeed be on the jury going into episode 10 instead of Hunter.

Q just continues to stir up chaos around camp and during tribal, yet somehow he continues his journey toward victory. At this point in the game, if others are considered bigger risks, it's possible he slides through another vote. It is possible that if he slides far enough, he could find himself in the final three where no one will be able to claim they played hard. Surely, the tribe will see this and eliminate him soon.

7. Tiffany

Last week - 7th

There is already a strong feeling Tiffany needs to go. An attempt was made to flush her idol, but she courageously held on to it. They will be gunning for her hard from here on out. It may all come down to if the tribe is more tired of Q's shenanigans than they are worried about Tiffany's idol.

The problem for Tiffany is that there are not that many more opportunities to play the idol. Will she be able to navigate the three tribals without playing the idol? Will she play it wisely, or get caught with it in her pocket like Hunter? It will be tough for her to keep that idol much longer.

6. Liz

Last week - 5th

After being instrumental in Tevin's departure, Liz saw her stock rise, but the fact is, that move was going to happen sooner or later. Give her credit for making it happen sooner, but it seems hard to believe she has a chance to win this game.

It is really her only move, and it fit the agendas of almost everyone else. They all had the chance to vote out Q, who basically offered himself up, but the consensus was that Tevin needed to go. Q did steal her thunder, but no one is going to vote to hand her a million dollars anyway.

5. Venus

Last week - 9th

Somehow, Venus is still in this game. Despite her off-putting personality, and her uneven play, with her nemesis Tevin gone, she is no longer public enemy number one.

She skyrockets up the power ranking, not because of her gameplay, but because bigger threats have emerged. If she slides into the final five, anything might happen, and there is certainly a path where she makes it to the final three. If she does, Tevin will make it known to the whole jury that it was his execution that led to Soda's dismissal, and not Venus', even though she took credit. It's difficult to see a jury voting for her either.

4. Ben

Last week - 4th

Ben has yet to make any kind of move, and it's not clear if he's even capable of making one. He just doesn't seem like the backstabbing sort, but this is Survivor and it's a mistake to discount anyone.

Ben's path to victory is clear at this point. He has to find a way to sit at the final tribal council with Liz and Venus by his side. Liz is already wealthy and Venus isn't well-liked. If Ben can manipulate that final three, it means he did finally play the game and made some monster moves. It's more likely that if he makes it to the final tribal council, it is because someone else wants him there, knowing he didn't do anything for 26 days other than be a nice guy that people all liked.

3. Kenzie

Last week - 3rd

Kenzie made her big move in episode nine when she tried to take out her ally Tiffany, but that plan fell through when Tiff said she was going to play her idol. Of course, she didn't and Kenzie lost her only true move of the game thus far.

Kenzie could still be a very important factor in this game, however. Her partnership with Tiff looks to be going by the wayside, as it seems likely Charlie or Maria will tell Tiffany that Kenzie wanted to take her out. Still, she's formed a bit of a connection with Ben that has been downplayed and there is a chance she will use Ben in a key move very soon. She's been trying to play the game since she was on Yanu, but a great opportunity just hasn't presented itself yet.

2. Maria (or 1B)

Last week - 1st

Maria has had the top spot of these power rankings locked down for weeks now, but Charlie is starting to pass her just by a smidge. When Kenzie made her move on Tiffany, Maria was irked because that was the move she wanted to make, but Charlie was thinking ahead of how it could help them to let Kenzie take credit for it because it might make her a bigger threat.

Look, Maria still has to be a favorite to win. If she makes the final three, anyone else will have a hard time beating her. What it may come down to is between her and Charlie, who will make the first move on the other. At this point, it seems more likely Charlie will make that first move, but it won't be surprising if Maria is quicker on the draw.

1. Charlie (or 1A)

Last week - 2nd

It just seems as if Charlie is seeing a broader picture of the game than Maria at this juncture in the game. He seems to be looking moves ahead while being willing to follow the crowd on votes. The truth is, all of the votes thus far have benefited Charlie and Maria.

Make no doubt about this - Charlie is playing the game. Both he and Maria are much more subtle than most of the players this season. Eventually, they are going to have to lead a vote, and that may just be when one of them takes out the other. It would be nice to see two close allies go to the end with each other and then battle it out in front of the jury, but that outcome seems to favor Maria over Charlie. It may not be during episode 10, but Charlie is going to make a big move soon.

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