Survivor’s Malcolm Freberg Loses Super Bowl Bet, Posts Funny Video


Now that Super Bowl 51 has come and gone, Malcolm Freberg pays up on a bet between him and fellow Survivor player Jeremy Collins.

Ah, sports rivalries. Civic pride is such an odd thing when it comes down to it, especially when people make outlandish bets in support of their favorite football team winning Super Bowl 51. As mentioned previously, Jeremy Collins was calling upon any Atlanta Falcons fans to take a bet against his New England Patriots, with Malcolm Freberg taking the bait.

On Sunday, a cruel justice was served, as the Patriots came back from a 28-3 deficit to win 34-28 in overtime. Both Malcolm and Jeremy were jabbing back and forth all night, each thinking they had the last laugh on each other. Of course, with Jeremy winning the bet, Malcolm had to perform a bit of public humiliation within 24 hours.

Using his natural charm and wit, Malcolm Freberg posted this glorious video below.

You could really see how this got under Malcolm’s skin, as evidenced by the insults written on paper and taped up on the wall behind him. More irritating must it have been for Jeremy to hear how the Patriots are giant cheaters, as the script dived deep in to defend past transgressions like Deflategate and even scandals from years ago, like Spygate.

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“And I’d especially like to congratulate Jeremy Collins, who is also very handsome, and an unbelievable Survivor player. Have you ever seen his abs? Lord, have mercy! Please follow him on Twitter and Snapchat; @Jeremy2Collins (you troll!),” Malcolm Freberg stated to cap off his Super Bowl 51 bet.

“In closing, I just want to reiterate how much respect I give to Tom Brady and Patriot Nation. This statement is my own belief, and in no way am I paying off an ill-advised bet. I love you all, and that includes, you too, Julian Edelman. Go Pats.”

It’s great to see Survivor players continue to go after each other and keep up the communication in their post-show lives. Both Malcolm and Jeremy provided great entertainment for their returnee seasons of Survivor.

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It would be great to see Malcolm Freberg on Survivor again one day…