Troyzan, Like Pretty Much Everyone Else, Wants Tony Out of Survivor: Game Changers

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Pretty much everyone has targeted Tony Vlachos going into Survivor: Game Changers, and Troyzan Robertson is no different.

Do you remember Survivor: One World beyond Colton Cumbie (only because he returned) and maybe Kim Spradlin (only because she stomped everyone who dared go against her on her parade to the million)? Perhaps the reappearance of Troy “Troyzan” Robertson will help jog your memory.

Here is the other thing you may remember about One World: Troyzan goes by that name because he wanted to go by Tarzan, but there was already someone else who wanted to be Tarzan first.

No, really, that happened:

Anyway, Troyzan has finally gotten to play a second time on Game Changers. Like the rest of the cast, he told Dalton Ross (who posted this photo on Instagram) whom he’d like to send packing first:

The vote reads: “Tony — won already & way to [sic] crafty of a player.” Okay, this is all eminently fair. We’ve noted before that the winner of Cagayan basically has to play the first three days perfectly at minimum to have a chance to make it deep into the game. That’s because everyone wants to vote him out.

He has a reputation to be sure, but Troyzan’s first justification is perhaps still more interesting here. Indeed, Tony has won already, but it’s fascinating to see that being held against him. This isn’t the first time a returnee season has targeted winners first. In fact, All-Stars saw Tina Wesson go first. Neither Richard Hatch nor Ethan Zohn made it much further.

Granted, it feels like the anti-Tony sentiments lay more in his aggressive play style, but it’s not like other winners have gone unnoticed. Cirie, among others, has said she’d like to see Sandra go out first.

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Sandra, J.T., and Tony should perhaps be wary. However, we suspect that they all know better than not to be worried going in. Until we see the season premiere, we’ll lean towards Tony over Troyzan.