Survivor season 35 episode 3: Players tweet about Jessicole, betrayal

A fish out of water, a kissing couple and more Patrick shenanigans; Survivor players tweet out reactions to Survivor season 35 episode 3.

Another week, another example of mostly former (and some current) Survivor players reacting to the latest episode of Survivor season 35, Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. As we start to see more of these characters come to the forefront and we get to see them more as people than strictly as players, we get to see more honest reactions from those who’ve been there before.

To start the episode, people are picking through Simone’s wardrobe, as she had left a sizeable amount of clothing on the island.

From the beginning, you could tell that things were going well for the Hustlers tribe, as both Lauren and Ali were talking about how unpredictable Patrick Bolton is.

As we take a gander over at the Heroes tribe, it’s Ben Driebergen repeating what Chrissy said last episode; they’re sitting pretty and need to pick who’s on their side going forward. Can you trust Ashley, or can you trust a man who can’t even open a coconut?

We knew that we would see the early moments of a showmance on Survivor season 35 episode 3, but who knew that Ashley was the one who was going to sling the first Cupid arrow, showing interest in JP?

Finally, we get to the acted-upon showmance of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: Jessicole! Jessica Johnston even reveals a bit more than we bargained for, while Cole let it slip that Joe has the Immunity Idol.

Back at the Hustlers tribe, Patrick’s out looking for an idol within earshot and eyesight of the rest of his tribe.

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Finally, something happens with the Healers tribe that will cause some drama down the line. Cole, keeping the trend of his entire Survivor season 35 play, tells Roark and Desi that Joe has an idol and starts to plot against him before the Immunity Challenge.

At the Immunity Challenge, players replicated the Survivor Phillippines inverse net + block challenge, except this time some tribes can’t count to 20. This resulted in the Healers losing the best reward, although they still secured a last-second victory to send the Hustlers back to Tribal Council once more.

Survivor season 35 episode 3 was more of a continuation of the last episode, as the Patrick vs. Lauren debacle came to a head before and during Tribal Council. Lauren, like the late, great, Tom Petty, could be stood up at the gates of Hell, but she just won’t. Back. Down.

Meanwhile, Ryan admitted he hadn’t been in a relationship in order to secure that patented Survivor producer’s pet / John Cochran edit. Even Jeff Probst saw through it a bit.

In the end, Patrick Bolton was sent home in a shocking blindside that I would figure produce the opposite result nine times out of ten.

Survivor season 35 episode 4, “I Don’t Like Having Snakes Around,” airs on October 18 at 8 p.m. ET.