Survivor season 35, episode 3 recap: You guys are awful

From Jessicole to the third player going home, here’s what happened on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers episode 3, ‘My Kisses are Private’.

Conflicts were stewing on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers heading into episode 3. It was clear that things were combustable on all three tribes in various instances. The question, however, was which would explode on Wednesday night and result in the third person being voted out of Survivor season 35. So what transpired on “My Kisses are Private”?

Things started out at the Hustlers tribe where they were looking at the remnants of Simone being voted out at the last Tribal Council. She left what they called a fair amount of her clothes, many of which they claimed were nice. Thus, they started dividing the clothing up. Of course, we got the class clown Patrick modeling some sort of jacket.

Patrick and Ryan were then left talking at the camp while the rest of the tribe went down to the water. The former was asked who he’d rather keep between Ali and Lauren, which he obviously answered Ali — you know, since they’re in an alliance. Ryan then agreed with him, however.

Down in the water with the rest of the tribe, though, they were talking about Patrick. Ali was then given a voiceover and basically laid out Patrick’s current position. He has no clue in the social game — no clue might even be generous — but is valuable in challenges as of right now. Plus, he’s loyal to Ali, so it seems as if she may be siding with him instead of Lauren should it come to that.

Next in focus was the Heroes tribe, where Ben and Chrissy were essentially giddy about the position they’re currently in. They believe they’re in control — but Ben in a confessional seemed a bit more skeptical, as he probably should be. Speaking of skeptics, no one is more skeptical than Captain Strip-Search, Alan. However, he was also just struggling to survive, unable to get a coconut open.

Coming into the episode, it appeared that we were getting Jessica and Cole together, however it appeared that we might get another romance. Ashley admitted that she was becoming “more and more attracted” to JP, but was afraid to talk to him due to the power couple label. That was a good call on her part, though, as Ben voiced lingering concerns about such things. Quite the savvy early play by Ashley.

Then we actually got to the Healers tribe and the suspected romance. Not only was it suspected by fans, but by Joe as well. Sitting pretty with the idol, he noticed Jessica and Cole spending a lot of time together. And sure enough, they were still flirting a great deal while fishing and then on the beach. In their beach conversation, though, Cole revealed to her that he and Joe found the idol. Thus, a potential monkey wrench was thrown into Joe’s grand plan.

We got things started back at the Hustlers tribe and Patrick continued to be absolutely oblivious. In plain sight, he was walking around looking for the idol. Considering that public opinion of him in the tribe, that wasn’t a smart move to begin with. He didn’t seem to care in his confessional, but Ali took him aside and talked some sense into him about what the optics of that were.

Back at the Healers tribe, Cole and Jessica hatched a plan to blindside Joe and send him home with the idol in his pocket. However, Cole then got what Jessica described as “word vomit” when talking to Desi and Roark about a plan. He told them that Joe had the idol and what the plan was. Though they were receptive, Jessica became skeptical of her wilderness guide paramour and their initial plan to blindside Joe.

“My Kisses Are Very Private” – Lauren Rimmer, Patrick Bolton and Devon Pinto on the third episode of SURVIVOR 35, themed Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers, airing Wednesday, October 11 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved

Challenge time, and on the line were chickens and immunity for the winners. Second place, of course, got eggs that the aforementioned chickens had hatched and immunity as well. The object of the challenge was to clear obstacles, including a highly set net that players had to get up to the high end of and then slide/run down. They then had to throw sandbags at blocks on an arch. Once they knocked all the blocks down, they had to stack them all one on top of the other and then let the tower stand for three seconds to win.

All three tribes were relatively even through the obstacle portion of the challenge. However, things then got questionable when it came to the throwing. While the Heroes and Healers expressed a great deal of teamwork in throwing, Patrick was stubborn for the Hustlers. He wouldn’t give up his spot throwing, which cost his team as they were the last to get all of the blocks off.

Meanwhile, the Healers looked as if they might be in the best position to win as they got down and had their tower high. But then Jeff Probst said something was wrong as the camera zoomed on a block that they had not picked up. Thus, that opened the door for the Heroes to swoop in and win the challenge. It also made the Hustlers very much in play, but it was ultimately the Healers that recovered to come in second.

Thus, the Hustlers learned that they were going back to Tribal Council, which didn’t look good for Pat considering his decision in the challenge. However, when they got back, Pat asked Devon and Ali about it, and they told him Lauren wanted him out. They also told him not to worry — which is an easy thing to say when you’re not on the chopping block, of course.

Patrick then decided to come up to Lauren, who was sitting in the water. For whatever reason, he deemed this a good idea, and her no-nonsense approach was tested when she asked who he was voting for as he just grinned very obviously. The rest of the tribe then expressed that they had a tough decision: whether to rely on Patrick’s unpredictability to keep him for challenges physically or to keep Lauren, who’s simply more mentally stable. No time to ponder anymore, though, as it was off to Tribal Council.

Tribal Council could’ve well doubled as the roast of Patrick. They talked about all of his shortcomings, both in the challenge and in terms of his social game. In fact, it was hard to say there was really talk about anything other than Pat defending himself or him getting raked over the coals. The big line, however, was Lauren saying that either of them were getting blindsided.

It came time for the votes, and it turned out that it was Patrick, indeed, that got voted out of the game. He looked legitimately stunned and said, “You guys are awful” as he grabbed his torch, having been voted out 4-1. Probst noted that this could be a sort of rebirth for the tribe, and then sent them on their way.

Down to 15. Let’s get ready to drop our buffs next week.