Survivor season 35 episode 3 preview: Jessicole confirmed

Jessica and Cole finally get together in Survivor season 35 episode 3, “My Kisses Are Very Private.” Here’s our latest Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers preview.

One week later, we return to provide you with a preview of Survivor season 35 episode 3 of Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. This episode, “My Kisses Are Very Private,” is likely said by Jessica Johnston, if not Cole Medders, or even by Jessicole together. Why do they get a Big Brother-like showmance name? Because, at this point, that’s what they may be playing.

Love and strategy?

One of the most frustrating things during my first-ever live following of a Big Brother season was how so many people would rather play showmance than play the game while throwing to one jury-souring player. While that could be the case with Jessica and Cole, as indicated in this week’s primary commercial, there’s more going on in the island.

For example, in the “next week on Survivor” segment, it showed Cole telling Jessica that Joe has the Idol and, in a confessional, doesn’t like that he holds all the power. There could be a play in the works, and if they’re showing this much strategy on the Healers tribe, they may have finally lost their first Immunity Challenge.

We’ll have to see how that plays out.

Patrick shown getting angry

I know that the editors love to throw a curve for what’s really going on, but in this week’s preview, it shows Patrick Bolton getting angry at his tribe. Combine that with Lauren stating she’s never trusted a redhead in her life and Ryan noting the two hate each other, there’s a conflict brewing from last week’s episode. That’s certainly something to look out for throughout the entirety of those players’ stay in Survivor season 35.

Immunity Challenge

If this looks to be an amalgamation of one major Immunity Challenge mixed in with the twist of another, you would be correct! In Survivor season 35 episode 3, “Block in a Hard Place” is, for all intents and purposes, a re-worked “Thrash, Splash & Bash” from Philippines and Worlds Apart.

It starts out with tribes going under and over a wooden obstacle, then gathering on a mat. Once gathered, the tribe must then vault themselves over an inverse net, with members helping each other from atop. After everyone’s up and over, a member from each tribe will knock 20 blocks down from atop a perch. Those 20 blocks need to be stacked at a final station in order for each tribe to win.

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This time, spelling out a word puzzle is not required, as the blocks being stacked 20 high will end the challenge. With the Healers having the option to sit their heaviest person out, they could have the advantage in this challenge. However, the Heroes’ five members are pretty solid as competitors at this point.

Who can still win?

According to Survivor edgic, there are about four or five frontrunners to win Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Right now, it looks like Chrissy, Mike, Ali, Ryan or Ben could win it all down the line, although it’s still too early to say for certain. However, if there’s anyone we could not foresee winning, it would be Patrick Bolton (too wacky), maybe Desi (barely any coverage), maybe Alan (a cooldown after a premiere blowup bodes well).

There are quite a few possible winners left in Survivor season 35. It’s always great when it’s not as telegraphed as a season like One World or Worlds Apart!