Survivor season 37: Rumored couple reportedly breaks NDA


It’s not just insider Survivor sites reporting on the season 37 castaways; a supposed couple themselves are posting pictures of each other.

Though we do provide readers with reports from Survivor insiders about the upcoming casts, we typically drop any interest in the players based on their social media accounts. The show is just a very small, especially public part of their lives, and even though they’re publicly sharing the next step of their lives, poring over each part of it is exhausting and unnecessary.

However, there is a difference between embracing normal life and holding an NDA-backed secret agreed upon in a contract. The brazen disregard for secrecy has to not attract media attention, though, which is not the case for Alec Merlino and Kara Kay, both of which are reportedly part of Survivor season 37.

As TMZ reports (yes, that TMZ), Alec posted a picture of him and Kara embracing while posing for a selfie, captioning the picture with “F*** it.” As such, they further solidify that they are on the show and are at least interested in each other after the show is over. The picture has since been deleted.

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Though the Survivor community likes to dig deep into social media analysis and spoil parts of the season themselves by guessing things like weight loss to indicate progress on the show, we’re just going to end the discussion here and relay TMZ’s info that producers are looking into either “possible legal action, withholding prize money … or both.”

As 2018 has more than proven, an NDA is not as airtight as one would think. Even though it is more than likely both CBS and the castaways have signed the contracts, there are reasonable expectations of privacy and freedom people are privy to, especially as United States citizens.

That doesn’t mean that CBS has to take the transgressions of Alec Merlino and Kara Kay lightly. Despite making it decently past the merge and into the jury phase, both Jenna Bowman and Sebastian Noel have been virtually absent throughout Survivor Ghost Island. It could be due to their combined Instagram account they’ve had since August 30, 2017, revealing they were a couple months before the show aired.

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There have been a few Survivor couples that have gone out of their way to hide their relationship until the show airs. For the brazen, bold and idiotic, it’s a shaded edit for you!