Report: Survivor season 37 castaway punished for posting early photo

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One half of the photographed duo that is set to appear on Survivor season 37 has been reportedly fined for breaking part of their non-disclosure agreement.

Plenty of people have either blatantly (or inadvertently) posted content regarding a future season of Survivor improperly. I can remember people deciphering Michaela Bradshaw making the merge of Survivor Game Changers after posting an image of the yellow merge buff, showing that even an innocent slip of the mind can fill fans on social media in ahead of time.

However, the act of dropping spoilers in a matter-of-fact, attention-grabbing way is what’s going to piss CBS off the most, and that might be the case for one of the reported castaways of Survivor season 37. As you may remember, he posted a picture with a fellow contestant, Kara Kay, captioning the words “F— it,” revealing the nature of their relationship after the show.

With TMZ following up on their initial report (who have suddenly become invested in gossip surrounding this show’s players), Alec Merlino will have his appearance stipend withheld as punishment. Additionally, he will not appear on the reunion episode, which is usually when each castaway receives their $10,000 just for being on the show.

Kara Kay, rightfully, has not had her fate decided by showrunners, as it was not her decision to post the photo online. We’ve seen players from Ghost Island make a joint Instagram account, but withheld on de-privatizing it until the nature of their relationship was teased on the show. It’s not her fault Alec acted like an idiot, and it’s the act of rebellion that may have led to his punishment.

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There have been players who have not appeared at the finale after appearing on Survivor for a multitude of reasons. Brandon Hantz was barred from appearing on the Caramoan stage, with production hiding all pre-jury players in the audience for some reason. That came after he had a huge meltdown at one of the challenges, resulting in his instant elimination.