Survivor Ghost Island: Should Angela Perkins return?

Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Screen Grab/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The oldest player in Survivor Ghost Island, Angela Perkins got much further in the game than many expected her to. Should she return in the future?

Most Survivor players have a redeemable quality about them that brings at least a small contingent of fans cheering their every move. Angela Perkins had one of the quietest games of any finalist the show has seen, but her determination to see it through despite getting the run around is admirable.

For most of Survivor Ghost Island, Angela was on the outs. We rarely got to see her perspective on a vote and seemed to be more of a target than a player making friends and influencing people. That became clear when she was targetted on Naviti 2.0 by members of her own alliance, although she stayed safe thanks to the old Malolo minority all throwing votes on Morgan.

That was the first moment in the game where it felt like she was really on the outs, and it was a trend that stayed strong throughout the season. She only voted in the majority four times, and the final three decisions were obvious ones for Kellyn, Donathan and Sebastian.

Her real moment to shine, surprisingly, was during the food Immunity Challenge in episode 8, appropriately named “The Sea Slug Slugger.” Eating a variety of local delicacies, Angela was unstoppable in the way she mowed down through disagreeable food. The most compelling play was to swallow a massive sea slug almost whole, then breaking the second one in half and smoking everyone else, eventually winning her only Immunity Challenge.

Where she faltered, however, was her inability (or lack of intention) to make a move in the game. Sebastian Noel finally woke up and wanted to take out Domenick at the Final Six with an idol in his pocket using his extra vote, and what does she do? She tells Domenick, and he makes a brilliant play to keep himself safe.

She got all the way to the Final Four fire-making challenge but did everything as passively as possible. Even as Wendell became deathly afraid of sitting at an orange station, Angela made the eventual Survivor Ghost Island winner feel comfortable in a million-dollar competition and chose to sit at a station where she would eventually lose.

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