Report: Survivor has found a new casting director


After moving on from the previous casting director, former casting associate Jesse Tannenbaum is in charge for casting Survivor going forward.

One of the most shocking parts of the Survivor offseason was when it was revealed that longtime casting director Lynne Spillman was let go near the end of filming for what will be the 38th season of the show. It marked the end of an era, as she was one of the few people working on the show who’s been there for the very beginning.

The show must go on, however, as production is currently casting for the 39th and (possibly) 40th seasons of Survivor. Among the casting team offering tips in a video for interested applicants alongside executive producers Jeff Probst and Matt Van Wagenen were Jodi Wincheski, Molly Brescia, Caitlyn Moore, and Jesse Tannenbaum.

It looks as though Jesse will be taking on a big promotion, as Survivor insider Martin Holmes has reported he will be taking over as the new casting director. Per IMDB, he has been an associate with Survivor for the past few years in addition to serving as a casting director for The Amazing Race over the last two seasons and the Big Brother internet offshoot Over the Top.

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The second tweet is the more intriguing report, as it indicates Jeff Probst will be getting more involved in the casting process. Usually, he interviews prospective castaways during LA finals after the casting director and associates vet the applicants. However, now he’ll be looking at videos and, perhaps, interview applicants in formal settings before an additional interview in Los Angeles.

Insisting on getting this involved in the casting process is a double-edged sword. A big pro is that Jeff Probst remains committed to the show even after all of these years, as he’s taking on even more responsibilities. On the other hand, Jeff’s insistence on a more fast-paced game has brought on way too many game advantages.

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We look forward to seeing how the casting process for a decades-old show will help change the pace heading into the important milestone seasons of Survivor.