Survivor: David vs. Goliath 9th place player comparisons

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Carl Boudreaux saw his game conclude in a two-hour boot episode, and will go down in the Survivor history books for his nullifier play.

Who he compared himself to: Cirie Fields

Carl compared himself to Cirie, which was a rather surprising comparison. Where Cirie is great socially and strategically, some of these elements were certainly lacking in Carl’s game. Carl’s social game is probably the reason he was voted out. The only times Cirie was ever voted out was either due to a big strategic move or another unprecedented circumstance. Carl ironically sent home Dan in an unprecedented fashion this season.

Comparing him to 9th placers:

These three compared players are going to seem all over the place since it seemed like the players viewed Carl as a threat, but I never thought he could win as a viewer. I am starting in China with Jean-Robert of all people. Jean-Robert is so over the top, and I see Carl as the under-the-radar version of him. We had Carl getting so drunk on the reward, and this is very Jean-Robert like.

While watching Jean-Robert at a WSOP final table last year, you see him constantly drinking wine at the most crucial stages of the tournament. What I am hitting at here is that both of them make ill-advised decisions instead of thinking in the long run. Both were taken out in moves involving female players they underestimated.

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My next choice is Brendan Synnott from Tocantins. Brendan came into the merge with a majority, just like Carl came into the Final Nine with. Brendan was confident in Coach getting the boot as we saw with Carl thinking the same with Alison. Brendan was seen as a threat by his fellow players, but as a viewer, I feel like something was missing in his strategic and social gameplay. It just was not enough to win like Carl. Both of them had their moments of overconfidence and were subsequently sent home.

More from David vs. Goliath

I said these would be all over the place, and after starting with Jean-Robert, my last comparison is to Cambodia’s Stephen Fishbach. Based on his edit you knew Stephen was not winning, but his exit was still quite important to the overall story of the season. Where Carl was emphasized as the first with an Idol Nullifier, Stephen was the first to steal a vote.

The results of their advantage plays were completely the opposite. Both of them were actually in a really good position in the game, but like we always see, a couple of things change, and you end up going from a long-term contender to mid-merge boot.

The verdict: Brendan Synnott

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Brendan was my choice because I think Carl was not strategic enough to be a Stephen and not over the top like Jean-Robert. They both added a lot to the season, but you knew that their boot was coming sooner or later in each instance.