Survivor Maryland New Beginnings: Episode 3 brings the fireworks

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Survivor Maryland: New Beginnings is starting to heat up as alliance-mania is in full swing by the third episode of the season.

Survivor: Maryland’s latest fan-made season started off a little slow, but that all changed in yesterday’s episode which you can watch here. If you haven’t started New Beginnings yet, be warned that there will be spoilers from the past three episodes ahead.

For the third straight time, the Ferocity tribe lost yet another Immunity Challenge, this time by mere milliseconds. Watching this tribe as the focus of another episode turned out to be way more entertaining than expected. Last episode saw a strong four-person alliance form, headed by Abel, Emily, Faith, and Miranda.

The outsiders of this group; Swole and Tony, began to realize that this core alliance was beginning to form and decided to align with Susan and Thomas to make their own foursome. That’s when all chaos broke out as each alliance soon knew who their opponents were targeting. This episode showcased Swole’s strong social game and his determination to do everything in his power to survive another day. He called Faith and tried to convince her to join his group of four to vote out Miranda.

Unknown to him, Miranda and the rest of her alliance were standing right there, cracking up as they were listening to Swole’s plea. When it came time for Tribal Council, the two alliances stuck to their plans, leading to a tied vote. That meant one more revote and then rocks if it’s still deadlocked… but there wasn’t a need for rocks tonight. Swole’s last-minute plea worked, as Faith jumped ship and voted for Miranda!

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I can’t wait to see how Faith explains her vote to Abel and Emily, and whether or not she’s committed to joining Swole’s alliance going forward. While the drama behind the vote was exciting to watch, Tony stole the show at Tribal Council with his hilarious three-word comment. This was the first great episode of the season, and with all the inter-tribal alliances forming (and players finding out about them), I’m sure there’s more dramatic Tribal Councils on the way!