Casting for Survivor season 41 and 42 begins on August 5


Better start dusting off your RCA VHS camcorder and your Super 55 microphone, because casting for Survivor season 41 and 42 begins real soon!

If there’s any better sign that Survivor is an unstoppable force yet to meet an immovable object, it’s the fact that we’re looking at the 20th anniversary of the show and still looking beyond to the future. Though the past few seasons seem to be planted in the same few Fijian islands, there are brand new opportunities for fans and Instagram models (erm, I mean recruits) alike to play the greatest game.

Longtime casting producer (and former The Amazing Race contestant) Jodi Wincheski mentioned on her Twitter earlier this week that Survivor casting proper will start on August 5. Additionally, the casting website has been updated to remark the casting of seasons 41 and 42, with the promise to start actively casting in August. That’s in just over a week’s time!

As she made fairly clear in the tweet below, bugging casting producers such as her, casting director Jesse Tannenbaum and others on the team ahead of time will not help with your chances in getting cast for the show. Take the acknowledgment of her being on vacation as a sign that you shouldn’t start bombarding casting with your videos early.

However, what that does mean is that you have at least a week’s preparation to best utilize your best practices in creating the perfect casting video. If you’re looking for more information, Big Brother winner and runner-up Dan Gheesling offered up his casting resources for free last year, and they are confirmed to have worked for one of the show’s recent finalists.

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Additionally, the Survivor casting team (including Jeff Probst) offered up tips of their own during last year’s casting process, which helped bring some of the castaways set to compete in Island of the Idols airing later this September. Why not hear from the people directly responsible for getting you on the show and giving them what they want?