Survivor Winners at War: What is a Safety Without Power advantage?

Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved
Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved /

Thanks to the Edge of Extinction and this advantage-crazy era of Survivor, Jeremy is in possession of a Safety Without Power advantage. How does it work and how can Jeremy use it effectively?

Let the advantages begin. After a captivating premiere that focused primarily on re-familiarizing us with this full cast of champions, production is back to its old ways of ushering in idols and twists to speed up the game. Thanks to Fire Tokens and its connection to the Edge of Extinction, it looks like there will be a continuous flow of idols and advantages. In episode 2 of Survivor Winners at War, Jeremy received a Safety Without Power advantage from Natalie.

How does it work? Before the votes are cast at Tribal Council, Jeremy could use his Safety Without Power advantage to leave Tribal and head back to camp early. However, that means he won’t be able to vote. It’s essentially like having a surprise Individual Immunity Necklace, but without the ability to cast a vote.

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When does it expire? Although it wasn’t spoken of in the episode, we could still make out what the advantage said when Jeremy was reading it. He can use it until ten players are left in the game. So, if everything works out for Jeremy and he doesn’t feel seriously threatened in the next few episodes, he could have this advantage to protect him during the volatile early merge.

How can Jeremy use it? This bargain deal with Natalie gives Jeremy a solid safety net. At this point, Jeremy is in a good position with his tribe. He’s sitting behind a couple of Survivor legends who are providing a perfect meat shield for him. If anything unexpected does happen like a tribe swap or if the old-schoolers try to take him out, then this advantage will be huge.

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Should Jeremy tell others about it? You might be thinking no immediately, but sometimes sharing advantages with others can improve their power. Just look at what the David tribe was able to accomplish with their pool of resources. That said, this is one advantage that doesn’t make sense to share. The best part of this Safety Without Power twist is the surprise factor.

Since it can only be used prior to casting votes, if people know about it, the element of surprise is completely ruined. Alliances would be able to come in with two plans: if Jeremy stays and if Jeremy leaves. The way he can really shake up a vote is by saving himself from Tribal when he knows he’s going to get votes. If that’s the case, not only does he extend his life in the game but he opens the door for a chaotic Tribal Council to scramble a majority alliance.

Have we seen this advantage before? We have never seen a player use or possess a Safety Without Power advantage. However, one castaway turned down the opportunity to win this advantage. During last season, when Janet Carbin visited the Island of the Idols, she was going to be offered the Safety Without Power advantage but declined it due to the risk of losing her vote.

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Could Boston Rob and Sandra’s knowledge of this new advantage help them deal with Jeremy? Or will Jeremy continue where he left off in Second Chance and effectively use the resources he has in wise ways? We’ll have to find out as the season progresses.