Survivor 46, episode 8 power rankings: Who is in control of the game after the brutal double tribal council?

Two more players were voted out during Survivor 46, episode 7. How do the players rank after this brutal twist?
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Heading into episode 8 of Survivor 46, we shared our weekly player power rankings after a devastating episode for two contestants.

Jeff Probst always keeps everyone on their toes. In episode 7 of Survivor 46, the first after the merge, another twist was added. The players went to the challenge, which was an immunity challenge and a reward challenge.

The players were randomly split up into two groups of six. The person to last the longest during a balance challenge on the ocean from each group would win immunity. The twist was the group whose winner lasted the longest would also win their team food, and that both groups would go to tribal council separately, where someone from each team would be voted out. The losing team would go first and the player they voted out would not be on the jury.

Kenzie and Maria won immunity, with Maria outlasting everyone. Then, chaos ensued, leading to two major blindsides when Tim and Soda were voted out.

10. Venus

Last week: 11th

Venus has been trying to play the game since she hit the beach but never really got the opportunity until the three tribes were thrown together. She has no ties in her own tribe, and her personality has prevented her from making alliances with members of other tribes.

She took credit for taking out Soda when it was Tevin's idea. She talked to people about going for Tevin with Soda as a misdirection, and when she gained no traction, she suggested Soda, not knowing the rest of the team had ALREADY decided that. They just didn't include her. Tevin wasn't happy she took credit for a move he put together, so he will probably try to get her out of the game sooner rather than later.

9. Liz

Last week: 12th

Liz has done nothing to this point to be any threat at all to win this game. She is just a vote. She also was open about her business success and her wealth early in the game, which will also prevent her from getting any votes. It's conceivable someone will drag her with them to the final three, but there is no danger she wins unless she can pull off a couple huge moves.

8. Q

Last week: 9th

Q is quickly alienating his closest allies in Kenzie and Tiffany, who will certainly turn on him when they deem it best. Q thinks he's running the show, which to some small extent he has, but only because it has suited everyone's purpose.

He may gain points with Hunter and Tevin when they both learn of Tim's agenda that led to his ouster, and you see a path for him to advance through a few more tribal councils, but he will need to tone down his game quite a bit to make to the end.

7. Ben

Last week: 10th

The players seem to see Ben as a big threat, but the audience hasn't been shown evidence of that yet. Yes, he is a friendly, popular, outgoing guy who seems to make friends with everyone. No, he hasn't been any kind of physical or strategic threat yet.

Perception is everything, and right now, it seems as if no one wants to go to the final three with him. The general feeling is that he'd win solely because he's a nice guy, but that is seldom how Survivor works. To win, you have to make moves, and so far, Ben hasn't made any.

6. Charlie

Last week: 3rd

Charlie is a little like Ben in that he is friendly with just about everyone, but he has been more strategic than Ben, and his name has come up several times. Venus has had it out for him for a while, and others are wary of him.

He and Maria are tight, though not in a super obvious way. Maria might be able to carry him along as she plays more under the radar. She can use him as a shield to further her game. The longer Charlie stays in the game, the bigger of a threat he becomes. He could still make the final three, but it's doubtful anyone wants to sit next to him at the final tribal.

5. Hunter

Last week: 5th

The biggest challenge threat always has a target on them, and Hunter has emerged as that person on Survivor 46. Everyone knows it, and he will naturally become a target very soon, especially if he wins an immunity challenge or two.

What people don't know is Hunter has an immunity idol. He was gutsy in episode 7 by hanging onto it when he knew Tim wanted him out. He believed in his alliance with Q, and it paid off. If he can win a couple of immunities, his idol could carry him to the top five. Make no mistake, though. Eventually, someone will come for him when they think he's vulnerable.

4. Tevin

Last week: 7th

Tevin has been playing a great game, mixing strategy with a terrific social presence. He has a strong alliance with maybe the best shield the cast has to offer in Hunter.

Tevin could get derailed if he focuses too much on Venus. He has not been a fan of hers from the moment they hit the beach, and when she took credit for Soda's removal from the game, he wasn't happy. It will take a miracle for Venus to win this game, so Tevin needs to pay attention to the more immediate threats around him, and Venus will take care of herself. If he does that, he has a great chance of winning.

3. Tiffany

Last week: 4th

So far, Tiffany has played completely under the radar. She's followed Q's lead since the merge because their agendas line up, but she is looking to play her own game.

Kenzie, not Q, is probably her closest ally, and if the two of them can play the middle as they have, and not turn on each other too early, they both can go deep in this game. It has happened over and over that the team that is a disaster early, their members that can make merge are usually better prepared for the long haul, and are often used as votes. It is not unusual for these players to turn into the power brokers.

2. Kenzie

Last week: 6th

Kenzie is in the same boat as Tiffany in that they've sort of followed Q's lead, but that won't last much longer. She was more strategic on the Yanu beach, but has played it safe since all the tribes came together. She's also formed an ally in Ben that could be to her benefit.

She's the most physical woman in the game, and now she has an immunity win under her belt. If a few of the men get the axe, namely, Hunter, Q, and Tevin, she might emerge as the biggest challenge threat. She could possibly use Ben as a shield at some point.

She's playing her way up the list with a more subtle game than she had earlier, but she has that strategy chip she will break out at some point.

1. Maria

Last week: 1st

Maria did nothing in episode 7 to break her hold on the top spot. In fact, she added to her resume by winning immunity and being the last person standing in the immunity challenge. She also had no qualms whatsoever about taking out Soda and removing another Nami player from the game.

She's playing her game and doing it well. She hasn't alienated anyone so far, and her name isn't being bandied about during strategy talks. She's engaged in the game, aware of what is going on around her, and being subtle in her gameplay. She also has a strong ally in Charlie. Don't look for Maria to go anywhere anytime soon.

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