Public Service Announcement: Sandra Diaz-Twine Is On Twitter

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Through the magic of the internet, Sandra Diaz-Twine has finally joined Twitter ahead of her third Survivor season; Survivor Game Changers.

Stop whatever you are doing and listen up; Sandra Diaz-Twine is now on Twitter. Right now, she hasn’t tweeted anything, but her bio is already proving that she is going to be a great follow.

“Sassy Sandra the Queen, Two Time Winner of Survivor,” reads the Twitter bio of Sandra Diaz-Twine, followed by a pair of crowns. With under a month to go before we get to see her compete on Survivor Game Changers, many of us wonder if this will be updated with a third crown once May rolls along.

You can thank Courtney Yates for setting this up, too. She posted a tweet earlier this evening, stating, “You guys I made @SandraDTwine join twitter, follow her!” Of course, this was followed by Sandra’s most famous quote from Survivor Pearl Islands, where she told off Johnny Fairplay by saying she “can get loud, too,” before firing off a string of expletives.

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Who knows exactly why Sandra joined Twitter, but the hope is that she brings as much fire she has on the island to the haters on the internet. Earlier today, everyone’s favorite repeat Survivor loser, Russell Hantz, was talking smack about several of the current Survivor Game Changers castaways, with one comment directed at Sandra Diaz-Twine’s weight.

He has since protected his account in an act of heroism, but the full tweet reads as the following:

"Damn Sandra looks like she could use a few weeks out there!So funny how she used to talk about me being fat!😂"

Knowing Courtney is a dear friend to Sandra, I wouldn’t doubt that she let the Queen know that some of her disloyal peons were talking smack just so she could create an account to lay down the law. It’s too bad Sandra and Russell can’t get into a back-and-forth tweet storm for some lovely Friday night entertainment since he, you know, hid into his Twitter hole.

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Survivor Game Changers debuts on March 8 at 8 PM E.T., where Sandra Diaz-Twine will be displayed prominently on TV for a 2-hour premiere. Maybe she will even live-tweet the show, too!