Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers: Rumored tribe divisions


Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers has some very interesting divisions of players if the rumors of who is in which tribe ends up being correct.

When a season of Survivor is over, the prevailing thoughts of the typical fanbase surrounds what’s next for the show. Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers looks to be a breath of fresh air after Survivor Game Changers, especially if we get an endgame where fans can find a strong story narrative to cheer for.

Thankfully, Martin Holmes of Inside Survivor works quickly. He’s been posting the biggest rumors for the upcoming season in the days before and after the Game Changers finale, and just recently posted the rumored tribe divisions for Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers.

Blue is the color of the “Heroes” tribe, Yellow is the color of the “Healers” tribe and Red is the color of “Hustlers” tribe. Essentially, it’s a World Apart division, but replace White Collar with a combination of White and Pink-collar players.


Levu Tribe – Heroes

  • Ashley Nolan (26 – Lifeguard Captain)
  • John Paul Hilsabeck (28 – Firefighter)
  • Alan Ball (32 – Football player)
  • Ben Driebergen (34 – Marine)
  • Chrissy Hofbeck (46 – Actuary)
  • Katrina Gerry-Radke (46 – Former Olympian)

Chrissy is officially listed as a Sports Psychologist / Therapist, but Olympian is arguably more heroic and less like a Healer player. Still, among those who save the lives of others as lifeguards, firefighters and Marines, having a middling former football player and an Actuary on the tribe suggests that there may be more to their backstory than meets the eye.

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Soko Tribe – Healers

  • Cole Medders (24 – Wilderness Field Instructor)
  • Roark Luskin (27 – Grad Student [Social Work])
  • Desi Williams (27 – Physical Therapist)
  • Jessica Johnston (27 – Nurse Practitioner)
  • Joe Mann (35 – Unknown)
  • Mike Zahalsky (43 – Urologist)

With the exception of Joe, who we still don’t know what he does, everyone fits the bill of a “Healer” player. Just like the Hustlers (more on them later), this tribe skews fairly young, showing a variety of healers of physical and mental health.

While we’re certain to get a bunch of forced talk about the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers theme, it would be interesting to get a professional opinion about the mental difficulties surrounding the game.

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Yawa Tribe – Hustlers

  • Ryan Ulrich (21 – Bellhop)
  • Abi Elliot (24 – Personal Assistant)
  • Devon Pinto (24 – Brand Ambassador)
  • Patrick Bolton (24 – Mover)
  • Simone Nguyen (25 – Program Associate)
  • Lauren Rimmer (37 – Unknown)

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Good lord is this a very young tribe. With the exception of Lauren Rimmer (we’re still unaware of her job), we may get a bit of forced banter about the “hustler” lifestyle and its relation to the economic hardships facing the youth right now.

Looking at the rumored tribe divisions, it doesn’t look like CBS fell into these group. I’d guess that while some players may have been recruited, production may have gone into the season looking for a Worlds Apart-like cast and worked backward from there.

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Until we get the official reveal of the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers cast and their bios/introduction videos, there’s still a lot of mystery surrounding the next season!