Candy Crush Survivor vs. Big Brother: Which team won?

Candy Crush CBS on Twitter
Candy Crush CBS on Twitter /

CBS’ version of Candy Crush debuted yesterday, pitting Survivor players against Big Brother players. Who ended up on the top of Mount Chocolympus?

Last night, CBS debuted their least-hidden piece of product placement entertainment yet; an entire game show dedicated to popular mobile game Candy Crush. To distract America from realizing that this was the laziest masquerade of an hour-long advertisement (broken down to 40 minutes, to make space for more ads), Mario Lopez brought out teams from Survivor and Big Brother to mark the occasion.

For Big Brother, the first team up was Frankie Grande and Caleb Reynolds, cementing Caleb’s Survivor status as secondary to his true Beast Mode Cowboy role. Da’Vonne Rogers and Paul Abrahamian followed while Survivor had Joe Anglim and Kelley Wentworth representing one team and Jeremy Collins plus Woo Hwang stepping up as another team.

The first competition saw each team attached to a swivel harness tied by a candy cane, with each successful swipe swapping in the other teammate to do the next swipe. The goal was to clear all 12 jelly pieces so that the qualifying team could decide which event they would compete in. Jeremy and Woo were the first ever team to get a Sugar Crush, so make sure you’re taking notes, Survivor Wiki!

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This gave them first dibs to pick one of four Candy Crush super wall challenges: Candy Cart (move horizontally in karts to swipe pieces), Sugar Swing (one player swings above the board, other moves candy pieces with giant wand), The Balloon (one player is held up by another player with a rope, swiping pieces vertically) and Spin Cycle (both players are on a rope that’s on a set automatic path).

First up was Survivor’s Jeremy and Woo on the Sugar Swing, scoring 32 matches in their 2-minute run. Paul and Da’Vonne opting for the second-hardest challenge in The Balloon, only completing 16 total matches. Joe and Kelley proved to be the true challenge beasts they were and passed Woo and Jeremy to make 45 matches on Candy Cart. Finally, Caleb did not enter Beast Mode with Frankie, getting 26 matches (although they only had five matches with 30 seconds left on the clock).

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It was an all-Survivor finale on the debut of Candy Crush, meaning one Survivor team would end up with $100,000 to split between them and two Survivor Cambodia players ending up with the money. Splitting up the horizontal and vertical boards, one member of both teams will work to clear a key to the bottom of their boards to turn it into a real key, unlocking the joystick controlling their suspended teammate on the vertical board. The first team to make 50 matches on the vertical board wins $100,000.

Kelley was the first to get her key to the bottom, unlocking the control joystick to get Joe moving. He selected his x2 bonus, but couldn’t get any matches during his 10-second boost. The game was at it’s closest when the Survivor teams were at 21-20, and Jeremy and Woo even clouded up Joe and Kelley’s board for 10 seconds. However, Joe and Kelley started to pull away where even a late-match dash by Woo couldn’t close it out.

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Congratulations to Joe Anglim and Kelley Wentworth, as they are the first winners of Candy Crush and the $100,000 prize!