Survivor player not taking part in Celebrity Big Brother US

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An early hint from Julie Chen implied a Survivor player would join the inaugural cast of Celebrity Big Brother US. That is no longer the case.

UPDATE: It appears as though Julie wasn’t hinting at a Survivor player, butReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star. The dream is dead!

ORIGINAL: About eight or nine months ago, I did something I had never thought was possible of me; I watched Big Brother. It seems like I picked the absolute worst time to do so, as the season was a Survivor: Redemption Island-esque trainwreck, but if Boston Rob was outsmarted by Ralph. Regardless, it did make me curious about what a great season of gameplay is like, so upon going back and watching season 10 and Dan Gheesling’s ascendence, I was convinced in its spectacle.

Flash forward ten years from that season and CBS is planning to bring a new twist that’s been prevalent in the UK for years; Celebrity Big Brother will air in early February and wrap up right before Survivor Ghost Island starts. While many Survivor fans would brush past the show’s grasp in trying to change up the formula of a drama-heavy show, one tease about the cast sent out some LOST-level island alarms.

Celebrity Big Brother host Julie Chen posted a tweet last night (embed below), posting 11 emojis hinting at the occupations of the presumed cast for the show’s inaugural season. With 11 spots and just a few weeks of runtime, it’s almost guaranteed that one of these players will be eliminated immediately, which is a bumm- wait, is that a tropical island emoji?

That’s right, it appears as though a Survivor player will be joining Celebrity Big Brother US, which will likely reveal its cast sometime during the 2018 Grammys. Current speculation is that Andrea Boehlke will be participating in the show, but she’s been too flippant in her denials (plus the fact she’s commenting about it at all) to be an honest guest.

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If we’re talking a higher caliber of celebrities for this show (let’s admit it; that’s not going to happen), we’d likely need a very, very prominent Survivor player to make the leap. One thing I noticed when flipping through my Instagram account looking for clues from past players is that three days ago, Micronesia winner Parvati Shallow posted that “BIG changes happening over here! Excited to share them with you soon.”

While it’s likely that it has to do with her upcoming engagement to former Survivor player John Fincher, the emphasis on “BIG” could be a fun little hint to her playing on Celebrity Big Brother! If that’s not the case let us know who you think could be participating on the show, or if that emoji even means what I think it means.

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Fingers crossed for Randy Bailey!