Survivor’s Canadian fans: CBS All Access is now available

CBS All Access
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Those who want to watch all previous (and current) seasons of Survivor in Canada now have the option to with CBS All Access coming north.

It’s hard to be as engaged with Survivor as a Canadian than it is as an American. Yours truly has to go through some leaps and bounds just to be able to share YouTube videos of upcoming episodes, let alone grab screenshots of players from past seasons. Thankfully, there is an option that covers all bases with past and current episodes of the show for those living in the Great White North.

CBS All Access has finally been expanded into Canada, debuting today with a one-month free trial followed by a monthly subscription of $5.99 CAD. Unlike the US version, this is the only option available, and it comes with no commercial interruption, offering more than 7,500 episodes of on-demand content on PC, iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices, plus Apple TV and Chromecast (more devices to come).

As such, all 36 seasons of Survivor are available on CBS All Access right now, including seasons that weren’t previously available in other on-demand services in Canada (such as Amazon Prime Video). The screenshot above was taken specifically from the historic Kelley Wentworth idol play in Survivor Cambodia to highlight the newfound ability to watch some of the more contemporary seasons of this show in Canada.

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There are some downsides to watching Survivor in CBS All Access in Canada, however. For starters, CBSN is the only channel available for live-stream viewership, meaning you can’t watch the American feed of the show live as it happens. You’ll need to have a television account with a cable provider and watch live on, defeating the purpose of cutting cable entirely.

Furthermore, Global TV also provides this season’s episodes much quicker than CBS All Access at this point, as the most recent episode of Ghost Island, “The Sea Slug Slugger,” is currently not selectable from the current catalog.

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Still, if you’re someone like me who likes to catch up on old seasons during the summer months, CBS All Access is the best option concerning video quality and sheer content availability. Plus, at $5.99 CAD for ad-free viewing instead of $9.99 USD, you’re saving a lot of money over those in America.