Report: Survivor contestants to race away on The Amazing Race


While some say Avengers: Infinity War is the greatest crossover event, a report about Survivor and Big Brother players on The Amazing Race takes the cake.

When it comes to reality competition programming, CBS might be the best provider in town. Survivor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race each continues to thrive in their own right after years and years of iterations playing out on television, with the passion for their games exhibited by hosts Jeff Probst, Julie Chen and Phil Keoghan still shining brightly.

After seeing Big Brother 19 players Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf bring The Amazing Race ratings back to life (the show was on the brink of cancellation in the season prior), a light bulb must have turned on above a CBS executive’s head. Three separate reports elaborate on a developing story for the show’s next season.

The first came from TMZ, which reported that season 31 of The Amazing Race would consist of entirely Big Brother players. Their sources indicate at least one winner will play, but several popular winners had to decline for “family or career reasons.” The next report from Reality Blurred insisted that TAR season 31 would be a BB vs. TAR all-star season, sourcing someone with knowledge of casting. They also insist at least one Big Brother winner would compete.

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Finally, the newest report comes from Inside Survivor, bringing the CBS reality train to a full circle by reporting former Survivor players have also been contacted to compete in the season. This report is decidedly bereft in details, as no castaways or castaway types were hinted at.

Three different duos of Survivor and Big Brother players have competed on The Amazing Race before, with “Boston” Rob and Amber Mariano playing twice. We’ve even seen Big Brother players such as Hayden Moss and Caleb Reynolds, plus The Amazing Race’s Natalie and Nadiya Anderson, compete on Survivor before. Competitors from three of CBS’ reality shows on one is brand new.

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The thing that makes this an awesome venture is the notion of worlds colliding. Seasoned reality personalities will come together to compete in high-stress situations, with qualities like of direction, partner ego management, social game with other players and strategic prowess with using the U-turn. Though I’d rather see it happen on Survivor, it’ll be neat to see who is represented on each platform.