Survivor Ghost Island: Should Michael Yerger return?

Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo: Robert Voets/CBS Entertainment ©2018 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

The only living Survivor castaway teenager, Michael Yerger arguably had the biggest impact a teenager’s ever had. Should he return in the future?

Survivor has been casting players younger and younger than ever, to the point where some people can’t legally drink when out on the island. Even though the drinking age in Fiji is 18, the show is governed by US laws and regulations, meaning players like Michael Yerger has to play from behind the 8-ball if they’re going to lie about their age.

Funnily enough, Michael carried himself with such maturity that his cover story of being 23 years old worked for the entirety of Survivor Ghost Island. He instantly became Brendan Shapiro’s second in command for Malolo throughout the game, but quickly took over tribe leadership once the former was eliminated early on.

Perhaps his biggest move in the game came early, as he obtained one of James Clement’s two Survivor China idols. Instead of taking the power at face value, he played into his knowledge of the game in a 5-4 disadvantage by suggesting in Tribal Council that it now has the power of two idols, lying about its strength in an attempt to obfuscate his protection target. Unfortunately, he used it on Stephanie and Brendan was taken out.

Despite being looked to as the one in command for all things Malolo, Michael played a self-preserving game. He voted out both Stephanie Johnson and James Lim, working closely with Bradley and Kellyn to keep himself further. It’s a tactic that bought him safety until the merge but quickly proved that it was a temporary trust.

After Chris Noble left the game, Michael did what he had to do and found the f—ing stick from Survivor Micronesia. He saved himself but lost a key number in Libby Vincek. From there, only a self-imploding Desiree could save him from the vote, as Michael was voted out in a split-tribal scenario after Kellyn used her extra vote on Laurel to vote twice, forcing a tie-breaker that eventually saw the teenager sent to Ponderosa.

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Michael Yerger is a young, smart player who charmed those on his tribe and never gave up. Let us know in our straw poll if he should return in a future Survivor season.