Survivor: Russell Hantz’s Top 100 Greatest Survivors Ever (60-51)

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Photo: Timothy Kuratek/CBS Entertainment ©2019 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved. /
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Danni Boatwright Danni Girl Survivor Winners at War episode 1
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53. Danni Boatwright (Guatemala, Winners at War)

Danni Boatwright played one of the most underrated winners games in Survivor history and it’s time she gets her respect! Danni was in the minority alliance at the merge in Guatemala and could only watch as the rest of her alliance got picked off one by one.

When it was only Danni left, she was able to avoid getting booted by forming strong bonds with those remaining, Rafe and Stephenie in particular, and just laying low. She went up against Stephenie LaGrossa in the final tribal council and absolutely smoked her, winning it 6-1.

Danni was disrespected with her edit (or lack thereof) on Winners at War, but that shouldn’t take away from her terrific win in Guatemala.

52. David Wright (Millennials vs Gen X, Edge of Extinction)

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We all remember David Wright on Millennials vs Gen X as the skinny, scrawny guy who didn’t like camping or anything about the outdoors. He was a huge Survivor fan and used that knowledge to work his way through the game and make it to the final four in his first go of it.

In Edge of Extinction, the other contestants that season were determined to not let any of the returning players make it far into the game, but David still got to the merge and was a huge threat. I’m sure David will be back for a third time and hopefully that does indeed happen.

51. Dom Abbate (Ghost Island)

Dom Abbate was oh so close to being named the winner of Survivor: Ghost Island, actually tying with Wendell Holland for the honor. Unfortunately, Laurel Johnson got to cast the deciding vote and she went with Wendell, making Dom the first ever runner-up to be determined via tie vote.

Dom and Wendell were running things in Ghost Island and some argue that Dom deserved it way more. He played idols when he needed to, he formed the bonds he needed to stay afloat and in charge, and were it not for a kick butt final tribal council performance from Wendell, Dom wins Ghost Island and is on Winners at War.

I’m nearly positive we will see Dom again in a future season and I sure hope so because he was one of the few bright spots on Ghost Island.


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