Three most underrated Survivor winners of all-time

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These three Survivor winners don’t get their due diligence and that’s too bad.

Chris and Danni both played in the old school era of Survivor and the winners in those seasons didn’t have to navigate their way through an awful amount of twists and advantages. Even with that being the case, both were in the minority alliance and made it all the way to the end and won the whole she-bang.

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Sophie played in a “newer” school version of Survivor and while she didn’t make any big moves, she didn’t have to! She was in the majority alliance from Day 1, so why would she waiver? She knew she could beat Coach in the end because he wouldn’t own up to his game and she knew Albert was squirrelly and that the jury disliked him.

The jury wasn’t fond of Sophie either, but she won them over by owning up to her game and proving that the other two weren’t as deserving as she was. I’m glad she showed Survivor fans what she could do on Winners at War because maybe now people will give Sophie that respect she’s always deserved as a Survivor winner.

I mentioned earlier how if someone wins a season of Survivor, then they deserve it. Period.

These three not only deserved their wins, but they should be getting more respect than what they’ve received. In Danni’s case, many think Stephenie deserved it more and had it been a newer school season, Stephenie probably wins Guatemala,  but it wasn’t a new school season and Danni won fair and square.

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What do you think, Survivor fans? Are there any winners who you think are severely underrated? Let us know in the comment section below!