Rumor: Survivor Season 35 theme is certainly a mouthful

Survivor logo - (Photo Credit:: CBS)
Survivor logo - (Photo Credit:: CBS) /

If you thought Millennials vs. Gen X was as inexplicable a theme as ever, Survivor Season 35, if the rumors are true, takes things a bit more surreal.

CBS has done a great job of keeping Survivor fresh over the decades. Gameplay twists, casting options and great characters have been driving the show since 2000, although things have started to get a little more complicated and explicit on the show in terms of building on a theme. Survivor Season 35 may be the most unnecessary, over-the-top and incomprehensible theme to build a season around in the show’s history.

Inside Survivor has posted the rumored title and theme for Survivor Season 35, calling it Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Yes, you heard that right; CBS is bringing back the “Heroes” theme for a season that doesn’t involve fan-favorite heroes from past seasons to face off against fan-favorite villains. Heroes vs. Villains 2 remains a dead dream, at least for the upcoming season.

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As I posited earlier today, it certainly looked like the cast of players with occupations such as mover, brand ambassador and personal assistant could have embodied a Worlds Apart-like “Blue Collar vs. No Collar vs. Pink Collar” theme. If Survivor Season 35 is truly Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers (god, what a stupid thing to have to write out in serious discussion), it’s essentially my earlier guess by a different name.

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Still, the framing of the Survivor Season 35 theme is just so weird. Like, what’s the difference between a hero and a healer? Is someone who is a nurse practitioner who helps heal someone back from the brink of death just a healer, not a hero?

This is not to say that the season will be boring even if CBS gives it a stupid name, but I’d certainly be up for any sort of nickname or variant name. Will Survivor HHH work? Survivor Triple-H? Is the WWE merging with Survivor to make the ultimate supershow?

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I certainly hope that this rumor, while from a credible source, happens to be an early draft of the name.